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Limescale forms wherever hard water flows, is still or dries, and is caused by the calcium and magnesium ions that are dissolved in the water. These are responsible for its hardness. The consequences manifest as furred-up pipes and water systems or as limescale deposits on household appliances, fixtures and fittings. Having the right limescale protection is also essential for keeping your drinking water safe, because calcium deposits encourage more rapid bacterial growth in your domestic water system. The consequences can be dramatic and very expensive.

For this reason alone, it is recommended that you install a water softening system based on the ion exchange principle. This removes the calcium and magnesium ions from the water and replaces them with sodium ions. The result is beautifully soft water that has many advantages: soft water in the shower, cuddly soft laundry, the best possible limescale protection for pipes, boilers and domestic appliances, and time and money saved from a reduction in the need for cleaning.

Cillit Millenium

Soft water system with mobile display

The latest Cillit soft water system, the ‘Cillit Millenium’, is a compact, single-column water softening system based on the classic ion exchange method, and is characterised by its user-friendliness and access to information via its unique mobile display.

Overview of Cillit soft water systems

Cillit Mephisto Duo (I/SP: Genius)

Cillit Mephisto Uno

Cillit Aquium Bio Compact 60 (I/SP: Parat)

Cillit Aquium Bio Compact 90-120

Cillit Aquium Bio Dual 160

Cillit Parat

Cillit Neckar

Cillit Micro

Cillit Eco

Cillit Super Crono

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