Soft water

Limescale forms wherever hard water flows, is still or dries, and is caused by the calcium and magnesium ions that are dissolved in the water. These are responsible for its hardness and its consequences manifest as furred-up pipes and water systems or as limescale deposits on household appliances, fixtures and fittings. Having the right limescale protection is also essential for keeping your drinking water safe, because calcium deposits encourage more rapid bacterial growth in your domestic water system. The consequences can be dramatic and very expensive.

For this reason alone, we recommend that you install a water softening system based on the ion exchange principle. This removes the calcium and magnesium ions from the water and replaces them with sodium ions. The result is beautifully soft water that has many advantages: soft water in the shower, cuddly soft laundry, maximum limescale protection for pipes, boilers and domestic appliances, and time and money saved from a reduction in the need for cleaning; all of which create an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

Soft water’s many benefits:

  • Wellbeing
    Pure bliss in the shower and bath with silky-soft water, which you will never again be able to do without! A tingling, velvety shower and a warm, relaxing bath surrounded by soothing, soft water that caresses the body and leaves your skin smooth and your hair shiny.
  • Feeling safe and secure
    Soft water protects your bath, your sparkling fittings and your beautiful tiles from unsightly limescale deposits and protects your pipes against the potentially dangerous build-up of calcium. It will also guarantee a shiny bathroom for many years to come and peace of mind about your domestic plumbing.
  • Protect the environment and save money
    Soft water increases the cleaning power of detergents and cleaning agents, helping you to cut their use by up to 50%. It also reduces your hot water costs ̶ a mere 2 mm thick coating of limescale increases energy consumption on heating surfaces by around 20%.


Water softening systems

Cillit offers you a wide range of different water softening systems for your home tailored to your individual needs.