Limescale protection

Cillit Antikalk

Protects domestic installations and enhances drinking enjoyment

Drinking water is a healthy habit, because water contains precious vital minerals and trace elements. But what may be healthy for our bodies can cause extensive damage to our home installations and connected appliances because, when drinking water is heated, these minerals are released in the form of limescale deposits in pipes or heat exchangers. A mere 1 mm thick coating of limescale on heating surfaces increases energy consumption by 10%. Aggressive water with a negative pH value, however, leads to corrosion and pitting in metal pipes and eventually to burst pipes. In addition to the expensive consequences, limescale deposits and corrosion also affect hygiene quality, as the fissures in the pipes make ideal breeding grounds for bacteria such as Legionella.

You can avoid this with the Cillit Antikalk system, because the machine is installed at the main drinking water connection directly behind the water meter and drinking water filters. Its proven bipolar technology stabilises the calcium in the water, preventing limescale from forming in the pipework. The descaling system also promotes the natural build-up of an effective coating against rust in pipework and provides reliable protection against corrosion. Unlike the ion exchange water softening process, limescale protection technology retains all the essential minerals, e.g. magnesium and calcium, in the drinking water. A refreshing sip of water will not only quench your thirst, but will also serve as a healthy source of energy, rich in vital elements.

Cillit Antikalk is environmentally-friendly and easy to use. The bipolar technology needs neither salt nor regeneration agents to treat your water, which means continuous maintenance or salt refills are not necessary. Cillit Antikalk is available in different sizes or capacities, and so you can select the model best suited to your household.

Cillit Antikalk 1500

Three times the protection – three times as good!

This 3-in-1 innovation not only provides protection against limescale and corrosion, but also delivers high-quality drinking water from the tap that is both pleasant-tasting and rich in precious minerals.

Overview of Cillit limescale protection systems

Cillit Pioneer

Cillit Antikalk 2500

Cillit Antikalk 4500

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