Cillit Immuno

Quick, safe and easy to use against limescale and corrosion

The specific properties of water vary from region to region, and so water treatment methods need to be adapted to local circumstances. Dosing with minerals is a very easy and flexible way of achieving the best possible drinking water treatment, depending on whether the water is aggressive or hard.

Aggressive water is formed when rainwater containing high levels of carbonic acid falls on ground that is deficient in lime. This results in an excess of carbonic acid in the drinking water which can attack metallic materials (particularly galvanised pipes). To prevent the threat of pipe corrosion, which can lead to pitting and burst pipes, Cillit Immuno adds precisely measured, fixed amounts of natural minerals to the water and these bind with the excess carbonic acid. The metered dosing of minerals forms a protective film on the inside of the pipes, inhibiting corrosion.

Added minerals prevent limescale from forming in the pipes if the water has a high calcium content.

The added phosphates comply with all applicable food standards and are subjected regularly to strict controls.

Cillit Immuno

Cillit Immuno

Hydrodynamic dosing systems

Cillit Immuno is also effective when used to clean corroded and encrusted installations. Existing deposits gradually disappear, making domestic appliances and boilers almost as good as new.