Private households


Drinking water

Best possible water treatment in your home

Water is the most strictly controlled consumer commodity, and for good reason. We set the highest standards for our drinking water. It must be clean, safe and free of contaminants and should have no properties that might pose a risk to health. It should be rich in vital substances and supply our bodies with essential minerals. By the same token, water should not damage our pipe systems, taps, shower heads or any domestic appliances that use water.


No problem with the Cillit product range!


Soft water

The many advantages of soft water

Water properties and hardness levels vary from region to region and, depending on the layers of soil and rock it passes through, water can contain varying amounts of many mineral substances. The calcium and magnesium content also determines whether the water is ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. Hard water not only causes unsightly limescale residues on fixtures, fittings and tiling, but also leads to higher energy consumption in heat exchangers, while calcium deposits encourage more rapid bacterial growth in pipework.


With Cillit soft water systems ‘limescale problems’ are a thing of the past!


Heating water

Your heating system will be completely safe to operate

Water used in heating systems must meet the highest standards, because modern heating technology is very compact and extremely efficient when it comes to energy consumption and costs. It is also very sensitive to the slightest deviation from the ideal operating conditions, which means that only those heating systems filled with top-quality water will last the course. Untreated drinking water in the heating system may cause sediment to build up in the pipework, later leading to blockages and malfunctioning pumps, mixers and valves.


Cillit SoluTECH guarantees the best possible heating water at all times!