The Cillit group of companies

The Cillit Water Technology Group is a global group of companies with offices in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, China and Canada, and a rapidly expanding network of retailers and distributors. With its globally recognised brand name, strong tradition and team of expert water treatment specialists, Cillit is an innovative and reliable partner in all aspects of water treatment – spanning domestic and building technology, commercial and industrial technology, chemical products and excellent customer service.

The increase in world population, climate change, water consumption, ageing infrastructures and contaminated surface and ground water have meant that, in many parts of the world, the supply of clean, safe drinking water is either not guaranteed or at risk. Which is why the importance of innovative water treatment solutions is steadily growing in many application areas. The aim of the Cillit Group is to work in close partnership with its customers to supply cost-effective, eco-friendly water treatment solutions, first-class product quality and outstanding customer service in a wide range of applications, and to provide the best possible quality of water for all sectors and uses.