Building and industrial technology


Building technology

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Water has an important and versatile role in building technology, whether in residential or office buildings, hotels, schools, care homes or hospitals ̶ from the treatment of drinking water (which demands the highest standards of hygiene and health), to efficient cooling and air-conditioning technology (for cost-effective, flawless operation), to reliable heating technology (providing high levels of operational and investment protection with minimal operator involvement).


Trade and industry

Cillit’s many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology are your guarantee of success

Water is used in almost all commercial and industrial operations, whether as a raw material or as a production resource. Water must meet many different quality benchmarks to perform optimally in so many diverse applications. Cillit therefore has a large portfolio of products and a wide range of water treatment technologies for the production of high-quality pure and ultrapure water, optimum process and feed water, top-quality heating and boiler water, perfect cooling and air-conditioning water and recyclable mains water - in short, the best possible water quality for its intended purpose.



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Ultrapure water for use in laboratories or as a component of infusions and medical products, tap water that’s clean, safe and free from pathogens and bacteria, or perfectly treated water for air-conditioning systems. These are just a few examples of the many applications for water in hospitals, convalescent homes, rehabilitation centres and residential and nursing homes. As you might expect, the demand for top-quality water is particularly high in the medical sector because it is used for looking after our greatest asset - human health.


The hotel and hospitality sector

All-round total care – with Cillit

Different qualities of treated water play a vital role in the hotel and hospitality sector, and not just in pools and spa areas. Cillit can provide innovative solutions, whatever the application: from top quality tap water in kitchens, restaurants, bars and catering establishments to the most suitable water for air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems; from hygienically safe, crystal-clear, pleasantly soft water in the bath or shower to perfect laundry water and comprehensive wastewater management.