Heating water

In recent years heating systems have become increasingly compact, small and technically sophisticated. Although today’s smaller heating surfaces offer high performance, they are also more susceptible to failure, as only precisely controlled and coordinated cycles, buffering memory, thermal stratification, mixers, control valves, pumps, etc. guarantee high energy efficiency. It is therefore essential to fill the system with the correct type of heating water to ensure the heating system works as efficiently as possible.

If you use untreated water to fill your heating system you may be inviting potential problems into your home. Minerals contained in the water, such as calcium and magnesium, are dissolved in the cold water and are initially invisible, but if the heating water is heated and constantly pumped around the circuit, some of the minerals will be released to form deposits in the system.

Heating protection

Cillit SoluTECH - the solution for perfect heating water

The Cillit SoluTECH heating protection programme is your solution for perfect heating water. Once installed, it prevents faults resulting from the formation of limescale in the system. The extensive Cillit SoluTECH chemical palette also provides targeted treatment of your heating water to stabilise any residual hardness, to protect it against deposits and corrosion. This guarantees that your heating system can operate totally reliably at an almost constantly high level of efficiency.