Product overview

The Cillit product range for optimum water treatment is as varied as the water quality in different regions.


Feeling secure about your domestic water installation

Sand, rust particles and other impurities in tap water pose a threat to your domestic water system and the appliances connected to it. Installing a particle filter protects against these ‘attacks from the outside’ and is therefore a mandatory requirement of the relevant industry standard.



Wellbeing and hygiene

Are you living in an area of hard water? Then you will be familiar with unsightly marks and limescale deposits on fixtures and fittings, furred-up domestic appliances and higher energy costs. These unwelcome consequences of hard water are a thing of the past with Cillit soft water systems.


Limescale protection

Protect and enjoy

Drinking water supplies our bodies with precious minerals that, whilst good for us, are bad news for our domestic water installation. Cillit limescale protection retains all the water-borne substances, but prevents limescale deposits forming, for example, in pipes.



Quick, safe and flexible

Cillit dosing appliances allow you to treat water both hard or aggressive and turn it into perfect-tasting drinking water by adding mineral substances. Hard water causes limescale deposits to form, and aggressive water results in corrosion that can lead to burst pipes.


Heating protection

For reliability and efficiency

Cillit’s heating protection product range supplies your heating system with the best possible heating water. The water parameters can be precisely adjusted and any extraneous substances can be eliminated. This guarantees that your heating will work extremely efficiently, keeping costs down and protecting your equipment.


Reverse osmosis

Absolute purity

Cillit’s reverse osmosis devices enable pure water to be produced from drinking water. The minerals, particles, pathogens, etc. contained in the water are removed in compliance with the strict standards of hygiene required in the drinks, canned food and baby food industries and other sectors.



Safety and reliability

Cillit provides both chemical and physical disinfection processes for water treatment for the removal of pathogens and extraneous substances. These are implemented using oxidants such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide or UV light.