Application areas

Cillit provides the best possible answers to how our most precious commodity, water, can be used in an intelligent, environmentally-friendly and efficient way for domestic and industrial applications.

Private households

Health and hygiene

We come into contact with water, our elixir of life, many times in our daily lives, whether as clean, healthy drinking water in the form of food and drinks, as pleasantly soft water in the shower and bath, or indirectly as heating water for beneficial heat and energy. Cillit provides the best available water treatment solution for any application.


Swimming pool

Quality of life and factor of success

For cooling in the hot summer months, as a factor of success in the hotel industry or as a significant contributor to a better quality of life in the community. Cillit is your ideal pool partner, in private, in the public domain or in the hotel industry.


Building and industrial technology

Reliability and efficiency

You can rely on perfect water quality for a range of uses, from cooling and air-conditioning technology to heating technology and hygienically safe drinking water. Cillit provides complete solutions, working closely with the customer from initial consultation to the implementation stage, and guarantees a high level of operational security and investment protection requiring minimal operator involvement.